I'm Martin "quill18" Glaude.

I make stuff that I think is awesome,

Then I put it on the Internet.

Somehow that works.

I made MemeGen.net. It may not look like much, but in 2005 it was the 4th-fastest growing website in the world.

Now I run a YouTube channel where people have watched me play computer games tens of millions of times.

I have another channel where I make game programming tutorials for Unity 3d. That's been viewed over a million times too. You can download the files for the tutorials.

I've made more than ten computer games for the Ludum Dare game jam.

I offer web programming, SalesForce, social media management, and traffic coordination consulting services. These days I prefer to work in Ruby on Rails for the web and C# for the desktop, but I have experience working with many, many different languages and environments.

Next I'm going to [REDACTED].

You can contact me at quill18@quill18.com and find me on Twitter at @quill18.