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What do the Naruto characters think of you? (Detailed results) (Meant for girls) by Phyco101
Favorite color...
Date of birth:
Your name:Hana
Eye color:Blue
Hair color:Brown
Hair lengthWaist length
Hair styleBraided into many different braids!
Naruto...Thinks your cute, but doesn't know how to tell you. He wishes he could tell you, but can't figure out a good way how to.
Sakura...HATES the fact that you like Sasuke...and that he likes you back! Wishes you would just LEAVE Kohona and NEVER come back!
Sasuke...Hates you. You may not be into him, but you're as annoying as Naruto!
Gaara...He hates the fact that you're loud, annoying, and constantly trying to take his gourd away from him.
Ten-Ten...LOVES the way you always hit your mark with kunai! Is always trying to get tips from you, and you happily give them to her! You two are close friends!
Neji...Thinks you're as loud as Naruto, and are un-worth of his words. He thinks you're rude and obnoxious.
Kiba...Thinks you have good skills, but need to quiet down and cut back on the sugar...
Ino...Hates you...Sasuke gives you looks when you two are on missions together...and SHE'S the only one that notices!
Lee...Thinks you're one of the most youthful people hes ever met! (Besides Gai-Sensai, of course) He loves you, and swore to protect you no matter what!
Hinata...Thinks you're a bit loud...but that you're really nice. You come and talk to her every now and then, but she usually just nods and says two words. Not that that ever downs your day!
Choji...Hates.Your.Guts. You called him fat!
Temari...Hates you...You're too loud. Not only that, but you can't fight for beans!
Kankuro...Doesn't know much about you.
Kabuto...Thinks you're beautiful, but a little bit too trusting for your own good. He's made several cards devoted to you.
Kakashi...You stole his book and replaced it with an encyclopedia...He hates your guts, girl.
Shino...You're afraid of bugs, but you don't hold it against him. For that, he respects you.
Who you end up with:Sasuke
How much they love you:
How much you love them:
How many kids you will have:1
Who's arms you'll die in...Kankuro
How it will all end:Killed on a mission...
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