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 quill18 1623 votes 383.3 week(s) ago 
Chocolate: Most awesomest thing ever?
 Demonac 831 votes 383.3 week(s) ago 
The Media of the world needs to STOP reporting about Princess Di! She's dead! We get it!

Her death was legitimate news when it happened. But there was no cause for continuous coverage for a month! A funeral is NOT news, and broadcasting ANY funeral l (<a href='/opinion/show/47'>more</a>)
 kreli19 1141 votes 383.4 week(s) ago 
Half the people i know are self centered!! When I try to tell them something they just blow me off and start talking about their shoes or hair!! It is really annoying!!
 Echo 1306 votes 383.4 week(s) ago 
The only meaning of life is to die.
 kity-chan 888 votes 383.4 week(s) ago 
do you think schools problems (meaning the kids problems) should be stoped at all costs?
 Star 1101 votes 383.4 week(s) ago 
Do you think that people who think that they're an anime character's girl/boy friend is stupid?
 LT 585 votes 383.5 week(s) ago 
Food safety in the US has gone down the tubes, and the media is only now starting to notice it. This is the subject of endless spin from officials who are on the payroll of the giant food conglomerates in this country.

The problem is NOT imported foo (<a href='/opinion/show/42'>more</a>)
 ninetailedfox 1083 votes 383.5 week(s) ago 
Anime is awesome!
 quill18 1371 votes 383.5 week(s) ago 
Which would you rather for Christmas?
 NinjaNeji 504 votes 383.5 week(s) ago 
(For Anime Fan Girls) Who is the hottest? (Fruits Basket a.k.a Furuba)

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