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 XxMint_AizawaxX 709 votes 393.9 week(s) ago 
Gay Marriage?
Zhellas 393.9 week(s) ago
I say it's okay.

princesshathor 393.6 week(s) ago
nasty. nasty. nasty. sick.

Linkx 393.5 week(s) ago
Why is it sick? Why can't yuo give a reason for your opinion?

Tannie 392.6 week(s) ago
well first of all it is against the bible to be Gay. If they say they are born with it, They are just confused. It seems that you people that think it's okay are really going against the bible here... I see we are living in dark times!

quill18 392.6 week(s) ago
"It seems that you people that think it's okay are really going against the bible here... I see we are living in dark times!"

Yes, well, the phrase "dark ages" comes to mind all of a sudden.

Keep your religion out of legal matters and other people's lives.

Zhellas 390.6 week(s) ago
We once had a law against interracial couples and took that law out about 40 years ago but 20 in that time shouldn't we do the same for gay marriage?(without the law)

bitch 384.9 week(s) ago
i think its ok 2 have gay marige...if they love each other wuts wrong with it?

... 382.2 week(s) ago
I agree with bitch

The-Untold-Story 382.2 week(s) ago
"Keep your religion out of legal matters and other people's lives."

I'm completely for this statement. But when legal matters cross with my religion, then I must disagree; and I'll stand on the side of my religion.

Besides, when God is with me, who could be against me?

Zhellas 382.0 week(s) ago
Uh....I am in a way...

Zhellas 382.0 week(s) ago
And how do you know God(if he/she is real, possibialty there is none) is on your side? God didn't write the bible. Jews did, Christians came along and fucked that up for their beliefs. and Jesus, to shut you all up for some reason or it's just funny, was JEWISH!!!!

The-Untold-Story 382.0 week(s) ago
I think you are mistaken. Christianity is not a culture, it's a way of life. Jews can be Christians, and some are.

Christianity came from the Bible. Christian Jews who were inspired by God wrote the Bible.

Zhellas 382.0 week(s) ago
Yeah, there is no Christian Jews...You don't see Jewish Muslims!!!!! Fucking idiots....SEE FOAMY THE SQUIRREL'S RELIGION BIT!!!

Zhellas 382.0 week(s) ago
somehow there is a double post....sorry.

quill18 382.0 week(s) ago
"I'm completely for this statement. But [...] I must disagree"

Well, that is probably the most amazing comment I've read on this site yet. Truly stunning. Bravo. Two-thumbs up.

"Jews can be Christians"

If you had to pick a single difference between Jews and Christians it's this:

- Christians believe Jesus was the son of god.
- Jews don't.

There is a group called "Jews for Jesus" that call themselves jews by virtue of ancestry and culture...but they aren't jewish, they are Christian.

"There are too Chirstain Jews. Look it up. It's called Judo Chirstain."

*judo chop!*

Ahem. Judeo-Christian refers to the common beliefs of the Old Testament that is shared by Jews and Christians, basically. It isn't a religion.

"Judeo-Christian (or Judaeo-Christian) is a term used to describe the body of concepts and values which are thought to be held in common by Judaism and Christianity"

xxrather_chaoticxx 323.6 week(s) ago
I don't think it=].

let em' get married and be happy.


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