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 mecrazyuknow 628 votes 403.4 week(s) ago 
which way would you rather be punished? being whipped really hard on the buttocks 5 times and its over with or spending 24 hours with an extremly annoying person.
Jenbob 403.3 week(s) ago
It's funny you should mention spending 24 hours with an annoying person. I'm going to see my uncle today...

quill18 403.3 week(s) ago

Jenbob 402.6 week(s) ago
Its not funny! he threw a tantrum and listened to 60's music really loud!!!!

princesshathor 394.8 week(s) ago
i could spend time with an annoying person. i am an annoying person. but then again, i get annoyed easily. i might accidentally kill them. but still. i'd rather the annoyingness.

Cleveland Rock 381.7 week(s) ago
I like a good spanking.

Neon Green Crayon(Formerly TayTot-Chan) 378.7 week(s) ago
I was going to say get spanked, but then I remember: oh yeah, one of my friends are annoying! So, I'm used to being around annoying people....

Max 376.2 week(s) ago
My second favorite TV Character is Annoying (JD from Scrubs)!!!

Linkx 376.2 week(s) ago
JD is only #2? Let me guess #1 is Cox? Cox lover!

I'd rather be spanked.

Ima513 375.5 week(s) ago
at least with an annoying jerk you can be a jerk back XD

kreli19 369.5 week(s) ago
JD is awsome! he talks to himself =D

Zhellas 349.1 week(s) ago
With the annoying jerk you can kill him/her! ^-^

UmbrellaBayBAY!!! 349.0 week(s) ago
I would accidently kill them by putting poison in their apple juice.....

whoops, that wouldnt be a accident!:DDD


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